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Heat Treating
Bright hardening & tempering
Solution treating & precipitation hardening
Age hardening
Dry and wet hydrogen annealing
Stress relieving
Coating diffusion
Cold stabilization to -120 °F
Cryo treating to -320 °F

Vacuum Brazing
Atmosphere Brazing (Hydrogen, Argon)
Induction Brazing (Conventional and Argon)
Torch Brazing
Capacitive Discharge Tack Welding

300 Series Stainless Steels
400 Series
Stainless Steels
PH Stainless and Maraging Steels
Aluminum Alloys
Ni Alloys
Titanium Alloys
Copper and Beryllium Copper Alloys
Air Hardening Tool Steels, Including A,
D, M, S, & T series


NIST Traceable Testing:
Mechanical Testing
Load Testing
Shear Testing
Torque Testing
Rockwell Hardness Testing
Superficial Rockwell Testing
Knoop Microhardness Testing
Vickers (DPH) Microhardness Testing
Metallographic Testing
Routine structure, alpha case, nitride case, eutectic melting, alloy depletion,
IGO/IGA, grain size, braze joint alloying and undercutting
Destructive braze joint evaluation
Degreed Metallurgical Engineer on staff

Miscellaneous Testing
Nondestructive Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Checking and
Pressure Checking

Residual Flux Testing

Industries Served
Machine Tool
Food Products

Industrial Lasers

Plastics Processing

Computer Hardware
Custom & Collectable Firearms Processing
Decorative, Collectable and Military Knives

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